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Put Safety First

When your crew is working underground, in the trenches, or in a confined space, safety should always be your primary concern. The team from 3D Leasing, Inc. in Kaufman, Texas, provides trench boxes, gas detectors, and more to make underground work safer and reduce the possibility of a workplace accident.

Trench Boxes

Steel Boxes: 8'x8', 8'x10', 8'x12',8'x16', 8'x20', 8'x 24'

Stacker Boxes available: Aluminum Boxes:  4' length to 8' length
6' tall to 12' tall

Steel (Lightweight): from: 6' length, 8' length, 12' length
All are 8' tall

Vertical Shores from 22" wide to 144" wide

 Finform: 4'x4' and 4'x8'

Plastic and Steel Hydraulic Pumps

 Release Tool and Removal Hooks 48" to 96"

Sheet Piling

Sheet Pile Clamp

Gas Monitor

 BW Monitors, Gas Clip Technology Monitors,

Single Gas Units, 4 Gas Units

Steel Plates

4'x8'x1", 5'x8'x1", 5'x10'x1", 5'x12'x1",6'x 9'x1",6'x10x1", 8'x10'x1", 8'x12'x1"

Pneumatic Piercing

 Missiles from 1.75" to 7"

Confine Space

Gas & Electric Blower

 Tripod 7' to 9'

R50G Winch with 50' galvanized wire rope, retractable lifeline with raise and lower rescue capability.

 MW50G Winch 50' raise/lower material winch

 Blower Hose 15'to 25'

Lanyards Body Harness's

Construction Laser

Pipe Lasers; DG613 Over the Top Package

Rotator Lasers: G1422 Dual Slope Grade Laser

Manguard Rings

8.5' x 4' Stacker Ring
8' x 8.5' with or without cut outs

Bedding Boxes

Comprehensive Training

Once you have the right equipment on your job site, you need to ensure your employees know exactly how to use it, We provide trench safety awareness, and confine space training to classes of all sizes, Whether you want us to meet a small group of employees at your office or train a class of 100 at your job site, our instructors give you the information you need when and where you need it.

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